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> Textbook of Automobile Engineering  

The textbook of Automobile Engineering is being presented to meet the needs of the students of B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), Diploma in Mechanical Automobile Engineering and for A. M. I. E. aspirants. The book will also be very useful for the serving automobile engineers and for the owners of the modern cars. It covers most of the syllabi of Engineering Degree and Diploma level courses in India. It provides a thorough knowledge of constructional features and operating principles of the modern vehicles. It also gives guidelines for the maintenance, repairs and good driving.
Get Textbook of Automobile Engineering

> Mechanical Engineering: Conventional and Objective Types

This book has essential contents that are included in competitive courses; these are as follows: Strength of Materials, Engineering Mathematics, Hydraulic Machines, Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Steam Nozzles and Turbines, Steam Boilers and Engines, Compressors, I.C. Engines and Nuclear Power Plants, Heat Transfer, Gas Dynamics and Gas Turbines, Theory of Mechanics, Heat transfer, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Machine Design, Workshop Technology, Engineering Materials, Production Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Production Management and Industrial Engineering.

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